2PM cheering towel [English]

posted on 14 Sep 2011 18:18 by yogurttakeabreakt
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Hi, we have 2PM cheer towel for all Hottest for cheering them at their Asia tour concert that will start very soon. The inspiration I’ve chose is a cat, because our boys have many things link with cats, and cats are really cute so I pleased to create with this inspiration. I hope everybody could be interested in my works and have a good feedback.




2PM cheering towel made by good fabric like a sport wear’s fabric. 2 sides. You also can do a laundry with these towels.

We have 6 designs

1.Taecyeon 2.Wooyoung 3.Junsu 4.Khun 5.Chansung 6.Junho

Size : 26 x 10 inches


Cost : 14 USD / 1 piece