2PM cheering towel [English]

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Hi, we have 2PM cheer towel for all Hottest for cheering them at their Asia tour concert that will start very soon. The inspiration I’ve chose is a cat, because our boys have many things link with cats, and cats are really cute so I pleased to create with this inspiration. I hope everybody could be interested in my works and have a good feedback.




2PM cheering towel made by good fabric like a sport wear’s fabric. 2 sides. You also can do a laundry with these towels.

We have 6 designs

1.Taecyeon 2.Wooyoung 3.Junsu 4.Khun 5.Chansung 6.Junho

Size : 26 x 10 inches


Cost : 14 USD / 1 piece




Shipping Cost

For [Singapore, Philippines, and Malaysia]

1-3 pieces = 21 USD

4-6 pieces = 24 USD

7-9 pieces = 27 USD

10-11 pieces = 30 USD

12 pieces = 31 USD

More than 12 pieces = wait for confirm


For [Taiwan, Indonesia, and China]

1-3 pieces = 22 USD

4-6 pieces = 27 USD

7-9 pieces = 29 USD

10-11 pieces = 33 USD

12 pieces = 37 USD

More than 12 pieces = wait for confirm


• Other Chioce with out EMS

We will send you by another service (not EMS) it's only registed mail. It's cheaper more than half! but it takes 2 weeks for transfer.

If you would like to get this service please specify me


I'll tell you after you mail me to order about the shipping cost. I guarantee  that it's very CHEAP!



Example to calculate the cost

For [Singapore, Philippines, and Malaysia]

4 pieces = 56 USD + 24 USD = 80 USD

8 pieces = 112 USD + 27 USD = 139 USD


For [Taiwan, Indonesia, and China]

4 pieces = 56 USD + 27 USD = 83 USD

8 pieces = 112 USD + 29 USD = 141 USD


**SUGGESTION : I know that the shipping cost is really expensive, I recommend you to find another one else who would like to but this banner too!

then you guys can shared shipping cost together :D**


Please send a pre-order email to yogurttakeabreak@hotmail.com and write the form below.



-Address(that you want me to send towels to)

-Email(that I can contact you immediately)




-Name-Surname : Prangvalai Poontawee

-Address :

-Email : yogurttakeabreak@hotmail.com

-Designs/quantity : Chansung = 1, Junho = 1, Junsu = 1


After you send an email, I’ll reply you as soon as possible to notify your order code and to confirm the cost that you need to pay (In case you pre-order more than lists above. I could ask the shipping cost from post officer later to make sure.)



You have 3 choices to pay

1.    By Paypal - Please tell me in your mail. For this method, I prefer you to pay me with Baht(Thai money) ; I'll tell you in reply mail how much it is in Thai money.


Account email : yogurttakeabreak@hotmail.com

Title : Cheering Towel

Message : Tell me your name and order code to notify me


2.    By Western Union

Western Union is money transfer service that mainly uses USD. To transfer money you need to pay fee that specify by your country

You need to keep your MTCN code that receive after fill the form of Western Union because you MUST use this code to contact or update your transferring, and I MUST use this code to tell officers when I’m going to receive the cash.


MORE INFORMATION OF WESTERN UNION > http://www.westernunion.com/info/homePage.asp?country=TH&origination=US


You need to use this information of me to fill the Western union form.


Address: 250/1 yasub1 vipawadee rd. jompol jatujak Bangkok 10900, Thailand



3.    By Bank

Name: Prangvalai Poontawee

Bank: The Siam Commercial Bank PCL.

Account number: 247-211161-7

Branch: Central world

Saving Account

Swift Code : SICOTHBK

Bank address : 9 Ratchadapisek rd., Ladyao, Jatujak Bangkok, Thailand 10900


**The fee that will come from transferring, sender MUST accept responsible to it (you MUST pay for it)**



After paying, please send me an email by attach the pay in slip to evidence that you already pay to yogurttakeabreak@hotmail.com and write the form below


-order code

-Process (Paypal,WU, Bank)

**-MTCN number (if you pay through WU)

**-Name (if you pay through the bank)


-Date and Time




The period of ordering and paying

You can order and pay from now on until 2-3 weeks before the day that 2PM goes to your country to make sure that the towels will finish producing and shipping on time.


Every Sunday we split the orders in groups and transfer the money until midnight in order to make things quicker and easier. You’ll be the next group if you pay on Monday.


How long does it takes? How the shipping is?

After cut off the group on Sunday, Customers in that group will receive the order on next 2 weeks (Produce for a week and shipping for a week)


The towels wrapped inside the wrapping and packed by the shockproof parcel post (in case less than or equal 4 pieces), or packed by a box that already have a shockproof inside (in case more than 4 pieces). We shipping through EMS (it takes only 2-4 days but may be delay to a week) and shipping through Registed mail (it takes around 2 weeks but can delay)


Problems with shipping

            Problems can happen all the time that you shouldn’t be careless such as losing or no receiver, so customers should follow your order until you’ll receive it. I’ll tell you a CODE that you can check your order status in your post office website (in case the shipping is in transferring process or arrive your country already) and I’ll check for you too (in case the shipping still in Thailand)


            If the shipping has a problem please contact me as soon as you can, I’ll do my best to help you.


PS. If you have any question please feel free to ask me (If I write something wrong that make you confused)

You can contact me from email (yogurttakeabreak@hotmail.com) or twitter @yogurt3200 I online every day and I’ll reply you immediately when I see it.


Hope you’ll give me a good feedback.

Thank you.